Probe Test Manipulator

Product Family

Probe Test manipulators are designed for use with a specific ATE test head and wafer prober combination. If floor space, ceiling height, or peripheral equipment pose a challenge on your test floor, one of our Probe Test manipulators will fulfill your unique prober dedicated test requirements.

Our PDT style manipulator provides similar functionality to a Universal manipulator while considerably reducing the test cell footprint. The HK manipulator is an evolution of the PDT design with unique features to further reduce footprint, accommodate lower ceiling heights, and support the heaviest test heads on the market today. Our hinge (PS) style manipulator incorporates a true independent vertical (Z) motion to allow the test head to properly engage and disengage from any probe interface hardware before utilizing the hinge over motion.


Reid-Ashman not only offers a complete suite of standard ATE integration products, we can also design and build a completely custom solution for your specific test requirements.


Our staff of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers can incorporate your test system into a seamless and cost-effective integrated solution.


Reid-Ashman can incorporate our decades of industry knowledge, design technology, and manufacturing capabilities into your end product so you can free up your valuable resources.

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