Service Manipulator

Product Family

Reid-Ashman’s Service (SM) manipulators use our patented Multi-Cell technology (U.S. Patent No. 10,634,718) to service multiple test cells with a single manipulator to maximize test floor space usage and reduce overall costs. Our SM manipulators are customizable to each customer’s individual requirements and can operate manually, motorized, or fully automated to accommodate test floors of all types. When paired with our automated docking products, SM manipulators featuring One Touch Positioning create a seamless, completely automated test cell solution.


Reid-Ashman not only offers a complete suite of standard ATE integration products, we can also design and build a completely custom solution for your specific test requirements.


Our staff of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers can incorporate your test system into a seamless and cost-effective integrated solution.


Reid-Ashman can incorporate our decades of industry knowledge, design technology, and manufacturing capabilities into your end product so you can free up your valuable resources.