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For over 40 years, Reid-Ashman Manufacturing has been the industry leader in the design and manufacture of semiconductor test head positioning manipulators. Whether the need is for probe test, final test, universal applications, or a completely customized system, Reid-Ashman offers a complete suite of solutions.

Reid-Ashman manipulators are available with our following exclusive innovations:
∙ Patented Multi-Cell service technology (U.S. Patent No. 10,634,718)
One Touch Positioning automation
Direct Drive screw-driven vertical motion
Smart Compliance auto-adjusting vertical compliance
∙ Fully independent motions.


Reid-Ashman not only offers a complete suite of standard ATE integration products, we can also design and build a completely custom solution for your specific test requirements.


Our staff of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers can incorporate your test system into a seamless and cost-effective integrated solution.


Reid-Ashman can incorporate our decades of industry knowledge, design technology, and manufacturing capabilities into your end product so you can free up your valuable resources.

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