Electrical Interface

Product Family

Reid-Ashman’s electrical interface solutions set the standard for flexibility with modular designs that can easily adapt to numerous test configurations. Our spring probe towers are based on a flexible design concept that allows them to be reconfigured, expanded, and upgraded to meet all of your changing test requirements. For testers requiring high or low pin counts, analog, digital, RF or high current applications, there is a modular configuration to fit your needs. Reid-Ashman’s spring probe towers can be used with our StingRay clamshell mechanical test interface platform to allow for different spring probe tower, probe card, and tray combinations.

Common Features:

  • Modular Design
  • True Vertical Spring Pin Engagement
  • Uniform Spring Contact Force
  • Distortion Free Signal
  • Consistent & Accurate Test Data
  • Short Manufacture Lead Time
  • Custom Engineering Available


Reid-Ashman Electrical Interfacing products are designed to meet the performance and operational challenges of today’s complex tester/probe card interface applications. Reid-Ashman Electrical Interfacing systems ensure accurate, distortion free signal transmission with any tester/prober combination.


Reid-Ashman Electrical Interfacing utilizes a modular design with multiple, distinct setup configurations. This provides for an upgradable and expandable product regardless of changing test requirements.


Reid-Ashman Electrical Interfacing is designed to increase production. Minimal maintenance, distortion free signal transmission, and multiple tower configurations ensure a long-term value and outstanding productivity.
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