Mechanical Docking

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Reid-Ashman’s Mechanical Docking is used worldwide due to the low cost robust design, adjustability, and repeatability. Our Mechanical Docking feature solid metal Cam Lock links to reliably achieve a consistent locking force. Course alignment pins provide visual docking assistance to facilitate quick, accurate alignment of the test head to a peripheral device. Our docking solutions combine years of experience with some of the finest designs and materials available. This is truly the heart of any repeatable setup.


Reid-Ashman mechanical docking provides reliable, safe, and repeatable coupling of test heads and electrical interfaces with device handlers and wafer probers. Unlike cables, our multi-point cam docking’s solid metal linkages will not stretch or break and do not require readjustment.


A simple design and robust construction make Reid-Ashman Mechanical Docking extremely efficient. Installation time is reduced with the proprietary two sided Set-Up Tool. The intuitive design requires minimal operator training.


The Reid-Ashman mechanical interface system provides higher yields and increased production test through-put via improved quality of electrical connection and faster docking of test heads.
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