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Solutions for every test system.

Reid-Ashman is your complete solution for semiconductor test equipment integration. You pick the tester, handler or prober and we’ll provide the rest. Superior design and choice of materials across all our product lines ensure quick and repeatable setups with very little downtime. Get the most out of your capital investments by increasing your test floor efficiency.


Space-saving designs, complete safety, and proven reliability, Reid-Ashman has positioned itself as the world’s #1 test head manipulator manufacturer.

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Electrical Interfacing

Superior material selection, low price-to-performance ratio, and short manufacturing lead times make our Interface products the highest quality in the industry.

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Mechanical Docking

Providing a precise and custom fit application, our Mechanical Docking solutions will guarantee a quick, repeatable dock with minimal setup and adjustments.

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A Complete Solution

A Complete Solution

Reid-Ashman is a vertically integrated organization, maintaining control of the entire manufacturing process. All production, engineering, QA, machine-shop, crating, paint-shop, shipping & receiving, and main-office functions are located in two buildings on the 5 acre Reid-Ashman site in St. George, Utah.

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