Mechanical Interfacing

Reid-Ashman's innovative Mechanical Interfacing (Docking) products provide outstanding performance that facilitates consistent and accurate test data.

Our proprietary Cam-Lock Docking is in use worldwide. This is due to its robust design, adjustability, and repeatability.

Robust Design
Unlike competitive cable links, Reid-Ashman cam-lock docking mechanisms use solid cam links to achieve direct transfer of locking force. Because the links do not stretch, they will never require readjustment. Making setup even more efficient, our proprietary Docking Setup Tool facilitates quick, accurate alignment of the test head to a peripheral device.

Z height is adjustable using Reid-Ashman's exclusive Adjustable Interface Blocks (AIB). AIBs are available in a variety of block heights at .450 inches (11.4mm), and from .750 to 5.00 inches (19.05mm to 127.0mm) in .250 inch (6.35mm) increments. Each AIB is adjustable within a range of +/-.250 inch (6.35mm).

Following initial setup, the X, Y, and Z locations of Reid-Ashman's Cam-Lock Docking are repeatable within tolerances of +/-.002 inch (.05mm).

In addition to Cam-Lock Docking, Reid-Ashman's complete line of Mechanical Interface products includes: