PDT1700 Series Prober-Dedicated Manipulator

The innovative design of the Reid-Ashman PDT1700 Series Prober-Dedicated manipulators affords the operator ease of use while occupying a minimal test cell footprint.

Some of the features and benefits of the HM1700 Series manipulators are:
  • Easy initial set-up
  • Repeatable docking
  • Touchscreen controller for all motorized motions
  • Designed for use with a variety of probers
  • Patented vertical direct-drive system†
Standard Motions:
  • Vertical*
  • Side-to-Side*
  • Twist*
  • In-Out
  • Tumble
  • Theta
*Motorized motions

Weight Capacity:
PDT1700 750 lbs - 1000 lbs (340 kg - 450 kg)
PDT1700H 1000 lbs - 1300 lbs (450 kg - 590 kg)

Test heads in this weight range include:
Advantest T2000LS; LTX EX; Teradyne J750 1024-pin, IntegraFLEX, UltraFLEX 24-slot, MicroFLEX; Verigy 93000 512-pin

†Reid-Ashman's Patented Vertical Direct-Drive system (Patent #6,766,996) eliminates the need for removable counterweights. Because of this, these manipulators utilize a smaller column, weigh less, and maintain center of gravity integrity better than traditional counterweighted manipulators with similar weight carrying capacities.