Legacy Products

For more information about the following manipulators, please contact your Reid-Ashman sales representative.
ARM Style
ARM2002   Advantest T5585, T5586, T5592, T5593
HM Style
HM2000   Advantest T5585, T6533, T6563, T6573, T6672
IM3000 Style
IM3000   Teradyne Integra Flex
IM3125   Teradyne Ultra Flex
IM3225   Teradyne Ultra Flex 36-slot
OMFAST   Skyworks Fast
OMNI Style
200 Series (Capacity up to 200 lbs/90 kgs)
OM5400   Analog Devices, Inc., 5400
OM5410   Keithley S600
OM5420   LTX Fusion CX
OM5430   Texas Instruments VLCT
OM5440   Analog Devices, Inc., 5400
OM5450   Nextest Maverick ST
OM5500   Analog Devices, Inc., 5400
OMASL   Credence ASL 3000, TMT EVE
OMASL1   Credence ASL 1000
OMASL2LF   Credence ASL 2000
OMASL3RF   Credence ASL 3000RF, ASL 3000MF, TMT EVE
OMVLCT   Texas Instruments VLCT
350 Series (Capacity up to 350 lbs/158 kgs)
OM1101   Credence Quartet
OM312   Credence SC312, SCMicro
OM3650   Credence SZ M3650
OM500   Teradyne A510LHS
OM9490   Agilent 9490
OM94K   Agilent 94000 Series
OME364   Eagle Test Systems ETS364
OME564   Eagle Test Systems ETS564
OMKALOS   Credence Kalos
OMQLC   Credence Quartet
OMSC2   Credence SC212, SCMicro
700 Series (Capacity up to 700 lbs/317 kgs)
OM580   Teradyne
OM1215   Credence Cougar, Quartet
OM1220   LTX D50 Series
OM1225 (OM971)   Teradyne J971
OM1230   Credence SZ Kodiak
OM1235   Eagle Test ETS600
OM1240   Advantest T6533, T6563, T6573
OM1245   Schlumberger IXK
OM1270   Hitachi Chroma
OME364   Eagle Test Systems ETS-364
OMD50J   LTX D50 Series
OMXTS   Credence IMS XTS
OM1500 Series (Capacity up to 1200 lbs/540 kgs)
OM1510   Teradyne Catalyst
OM1512   Teradyne Catalyst
OM1513   Teradyne Catalyst
OM1515   Teradyne Catalyst
OM1540   Advantest T6533, T6563, T6573
OM1542   Credence Octet (Cougar)
OM1550   IMS/Credence Electra
OM1555   IMS/Credence Vanguard
OM1560, OM1570   Agilent 93000
OM1571   Verigy 93000
OM1580   Teradyne Integra J750-512
OM1585   Teradyne Integra J750-1024
OM1587   LTX Fusion HF

OM1600 Series
OM1610   Verigy 93000
OM1615   Credence Kalos
OM1620   LTX Fusion HFi

OM2000 Series (Capacity up to 1300 lbs/589 kgs)
OM2000   Advantest T5591, T5592, T6671, T6672, T6682; Credence ITS9000 ZX (NP Test Systems)
OM2001   Advantest T6331, T6361, T6371, T6533, T6563, T6573, T6672, T6682, T6683

OM3000 Series
OM3040   Advantest T2000, T5377
OM3650   Credence Falcon SZ3650

Granite Series (Capacity up to 3500 lbs/1587 kgs)
GM5000   Teradyne Tiger
GM5302   Teradyne Tiger NS5000
GM5301   Teradyne Tiger (Handler-Dedicated)
GM5400   Credence Sapphire

THS Style
THC350   Credence/SZ Piranha
THC750   Credence/SZ Piranha
THS750   Teradyne J750 Integra
THS84   Hewlett Packard/Verigy 84000
THS94K   Hewlett Packard 94000

PS Style
PS1005   Hewlett Packard 4089/EG4085
PS1006   Hewlett Packard 4089/EG4085
S3071   Nextest Maverick

OM84   Verigy 84000, 84000 "Mini"
OM580xx   Teradyne A5 Family
OM971 (OM1225)   Teradyne J971
OM973E   Teradyne J973EP
OM975   Credence Quartet
OM976   Credence/SZ Kodiak
OM978   Eagle Test Systems ETS600
OM979   Advantest T6533, T6563, T6573
OM1215   Credence/SZ Kodiak
OM1235   Eagle Test Systems ETS600
GSKALOS   Credence Kalos
GSGKALOS   Credence Kalos
For more information about the manipulators above, please contact your Reid-Ashman sales representative.